Tattooed candles

Whether you use it at a romantic dinner, as a wedding centrepiece or as a classy halloween piece.This is the perfect instructable to add class to simple cheap decoration. Materials You are going to need:- A thick candle, the one on the picture are great because they let the light trough which re…By: cutelittledevil Continue(…)


Kanye West says his new album is called Turbo Grafx 16 and coming this summer

You might be aware that Kanye West just released a new album, and you also might be aware that West publicly changed his mind over its name multiple times, so you may want to take this news with a balanced-diet-and-gym-three-times-a-week level of healthy skepticism, but here it is: Kanye West says his next album is(…)


Safe Schools: Everything you need to know about the controversial LGBT program

If you’ve heard the term “Safe Schools” lately, it is because a social debate is going down in Australia regarding educating children about LGBT issues in schools. The Safe Schools Coalition in Australia provides a national, government-funded program “aimed at creating safe and supportive school environments for same-sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse people.” SEE(…)


DIY Spongebob Choker Necklace

Make a simple DIY choker in 10 mins. Materials Here’s what you’ll needYour choice of ribbon. (1in or more)quick hem seam bond tape1 lobster claw or yor choice of fastener3 jumprings2 snap ends1 small chain about 4 to 5 links long1 common pin Measure and Cut Measure the size of your neck, and…By: bluegrl95 Continue(…)


Caitlyn Jenner and MAC’s new lipstick will raise money for transgender causes

While the world awaits more details of Caitlyn Jenner’s personal beauty line, fans can get their fix through her latest venture.  SEE ALSO: 7 alternatives to get Kylie Jenner’s matte lips without her Lip Kit On Friday MAC Cosmetics and Jenner announced their partnership to create a shade of lipstick called Finally Free.  “No more secrets.(…)


DIY Rainbow Dash

This instructable is for a Voxelized Rainbow Dash you can make your own from perler beads, hama beads, nabbi beads, or any type of melty beads (Preferably I use Perler). You can watch the video and follow along if you like. (Please credit me should you use or manipulate this pattern. Please be respe…By: VoxelPerlers(…)