Revived CD rack as vintage box

This is one of the best reusing I’ve ever done. I’m sure that some of you remember that until some years ago everybody had a cd-rack on the side of the hi-fi.I took my two old plywood cd-racks and I converted them into nice vintage compartment boxes for my electronic components. the unused CD rac…By:(…)


Netflix is nearing a deal for Bright, a supernatural cop movie starring Will Smith

Netflix is close to securing its biggest movie deal yet with a top bid for Bright, a supernatural cop film co-starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton with Suicide Squad’s David Ayer on board to direct. It would be Netflix’s most ambitious project to date, with the company footing a rumored budget of between $ 80(…)


Carabiner Cup

If you are a camper, hiker, mountain biker, ATV’er or snowmobiler, you will recognize the need for a cup like this. It easily clips to your belt loop, backpack or any part of your bike or other machinery. Also, it only takes about 10 minutes to make and you may already have everything you need(…)