‘The pillow was against the headboard’: Texas ranch owner clarifies Scalia comments

The owner of a Texas ranch where Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead on Saturday is clarifying comments he made in the wake of the discovery of Scalia’s body. John Poindexter’s original comment to the San Antonio Express-News, “We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head,” has been misconstrued as(…)


Governor Filter for Wood-gas Engine

The control system has been designed to optimize the wood-gas supply of the motor. This system suppress the venturi of the carburator which limits the maximum opening in the admission.The throttle valve has been deported in order to recuperate the condensates created in the low pressure downstream t…By: technopartage Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)



                                                              Hydra, Greece SEADREAM’S 2016 UNIQUE SAIL INTO ANCIENT GREECE AND ALBANIA Spend a whole 9-days indulging the luxury lifestyle of mega yacht SeaDream II in June of 2016. Embrace a half-dozen Greek ports and islands renowned for their archaeological treasures including sites for some of the earliest Olympic Games, historic Byzantine period ruins, and tiny little-known(…)


Announcing 2017 Reservations

Don’t stop SeaDreaming, reservations are now open for 2017! It’s a sailing season to make you wonder if you really are on cloud 9, with voyages to some of the world’s most sought-out destinations. Whether you’re dreaming of island hopping in the Caribbean or relaxing along the Mediterranean, you can start planning your next escape(…)

Love Notes from the Sea

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, we’re inspired by the love and wonders of the sea. There is nothing more beautiful than the mysterious ocean and its parallels to love and life. The turquoise, serene waters that soothe our minds is the same body of water that can turn dark and unpredictable—and yet we love her(…)