Peter Capaldi draws brilliant portraits of the Doctors of ‘Doctor Who’

The Doctor draws — and they don’t look all wibbly-wobbly, either. Doctor Who web series The Fan Show asked Peter Capaldi to, “draw his Doctor Who life,” which he took rather literally. Showing off his illustrating talents, Capaldi draws portraits of all the Doctors from the original Who that he grew up with while watching the famous show(…)


Man discovers ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy through Google Play

LONDON — When you’re downloading a new app for your phone, the last thing you expect to find out is something as potentially life-changing as an ex-partner’s pregnancy, but that’s what recently happened to one British man.  Android user “Ben” told BBC Radio 4’s consumer show You & Yours he discovered his ex’s big news(…)


How to Remove Bathroom Odors

Bathrooms odors are a common source of embarrassment. You may want to cover up smells made by toilet use. You may also notice a musty, foul smell in your bathroom due to poor cleaning techniques. In either case, there are many options to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. You can look into different methods to(…)