Google’s CEO just sided with Apple in the encryption debate

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has chimed in on the escalating battle between the FBI and Apple over iPhone encryption. Describing the letter published by Apple’s Tim Cook as “important,” Pichai says that a judge’s order forcing Apple to assist the FBI in gaining access to the data on a terrorist’s iPhone “could be a troubling precedent.” Seeing as(…)


Crochet Heart #1 (medium)

Hi guys! Good afternoon =)In today’s Instructable, I wanna share with you, the pattern to make this basic Crochet Heart.In case that you are looking the smaller version of this design, you can find its Instructable HERE.Let’s begin! =DP.S.Don’t forget to watch the video tutorial =) Video tutorial …By: PatronesValhalla Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)