Little Barn Door for Home Security

In the news lately there have been reports of people putting cameras on the outside of peepholes to see into your house/apartment/hotel room. I (Steph) started thinking about the peephole in my front door and possible ways of covering it when not in use. After much thought, I came up with a DIY solu…By: MotherDaughterProjects(…)


Apple filed a patent for smart bands for the Apple Watch

Apple has been working on modular smart bands for the Apple Watch, according to patent applications surfaced by Apple Insider. The Apple Watch features what has been referred to as a diagnostic port on the underside of its casing, which can power any potential smart band that Apple eventually releases. Courtesy: Apple Insider The “modular functional band(…)


K’nex Cube (with Round Edges)

How cool is it to have a cube made from K’nex? Yes, very cool. Within just a minutes you can have one on your desk. So let’s begin. Count the pieces This are the "ingredients" you can swap all the parts for another pieces with another colour (except the orange 45° angles pieces)if you(…)


Mason Jar Candle Holder

Have you ever felt the need to recycle old mason jars into fancy new candle holders? If so you have found the instruction set you have been waiting for! Required materials Wood PalletScrew with a hook Wire (15 inches) Chain (14 inches)Mason Jar with Lid Wire Cutters Candle…By: TheInvisibleMan Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Egg Night Light

Make a cool night light.. out of an egg!*I’d love a vote in the egg contest, I only started doing instructables this week and it would mean alot!* Getting ready! Materials:A g4 led capsule (small enough to fit in egg).A power adapter that can connect to the 2 points of a g4 capsule. I used(…)


Amazon’s Dash Buttons now order Doritos, Red Bull, and 100 more brands

A year after its initial announcement, Amazon’s Dash Button for instant reordering of everyday essentials is gaining momentum and new product partners. Amazon has announced it is adding a raft of big-name brands to its Dash range, including Charmin, Doritos, Energizer, Red Bull, Starbucks, Trojan, and Vitamin Water. As of today, there are more than 100(…)