1 Rise Whole Wheat Bread

Grandpa Paul’s Whole Wheat Bread (from scratch) I always like how fresh bread makes the house smell and how the first loaf gets eaten almost immediately…So here is a short recipe about making 1 rise whole wheat bread. (I like simple – and this is pretty much that.)These are the ingredients: Makes …By: paul83814 Continue(…)


LED Mason Jar Lanterns

In this easy 3D printing project, we’ll build glowing mason jar lanterns containing a simple LED and battery circuit. Download my file or build your own custom lid using the Glow Circuit Assembly in Tinkercad, which is designed to hold the battery and LED together perfectly. I’ll show you four diffe…By: bekathwia Continue Reading »(…)


Recyled Timber Dining Table

The first step is to work out your table dimensions. In terms of height we have used 750mm, although this can be adjusted based on your preferences and in particular to suit chair height if you already have the chairs. Factor in key things such as- Number of people you want to be able to(…)