DMX Controlled EL Wire Ceiling

This project is a DMX controlled EL Wire ceiling. It is made of 30 EL Wire (which means Electroluminescent Wire) in 3 different colours, totally independent. It includes a standard DMX protocol, to be compatible with any light control software. Materials The materials needed are principally elec…By: Lucamionnette Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Analog Gramophone for Teaching

Hello!You are going to make your own gramophone with this Instructable! There are a few things you need to know before you start.1. You control the gramophone. It doesn’t work by pressing a button or something like that. You turn the record with one hand and you hold the horn with the other. 2. The(…)


Spectacle-mounted Laser Pointer for Persons With Locomotor Disabilities

People with severe locomotor disabilities like those caused by cerebral palsy often have complex communication needs. They may be required to use boards with the alphabet or commonly used words printed on them to aid in communication. However, many may not be able to effectively gesture at their cho…By: IndrayudhS Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


How to Wear Combat Boots

Combat boots became popular during the early to mid-1990s, but they’re still very fashionable. These boots are rugged enough to create an intriguing contrast with fancier clothes and simple enough to work with casual outfits while giving them a slight touch of visual interest. You can easily use the boots to create an updated take(…)



The Shensuo dress is a piece of wearable technology which allieviates the dress stress of the modern woman; through its range of temperature and humidity sensors assisted by a clock as well as a manual override. Using two small motors built into the bodice attached to the skirt via string, which is …By: Shensuo1 Continue(…)


The Hands Free Toothbrush

The hands free toothbrush is a project made by Michael Mitsch, Ross Olsen, Jonathan Morataya, Mitch Hirt. We wanted to approach a problem that could have a fun solution to build so we decided to make something that could make it so you didn’t have to stop what you are doing to with your hands(…)