How to Redirect an Autistic Child’s Harmful Stims

Do you have a child whose stims cause bodily injury, destruction, or other legitimately negative consequences? This wikiHow will help you learn how to redirect that energy compassionately and effectively. Autistic teens and adults with this problem should read How to Replace Harmful Stims. EditSteps EditEvaluating the Stim Redirecting stims may be an exhausting task(…)


Tiny Dumpster House Trailer

This is the tiny Dumpster house trailer i built for my son, The trailer was originally my dads old tent trailer that was repurposed into a utility trailer and then into this. The Base Trailer Rebuild The trailer was in bad shape so i reinforced it with new 2" x 3" rectangular tube and angle(…)


DIY Steel Fire Pit

I made this fire pit in about a day using approximately $ 40 USD worth of steel. Check out the video as well as the instructions here! Cutting the Steel Plate (1/3) I started with a 24" x 24" steel plate and 2 steel gussets that were 12" along two sides. They were all 3/16"(…)


How to Design Custom, 3D Printable Braces for Arm Injury

Cross-posted on my website at piper3dp.com.Traditionally, casts for broken bones are made from heavy, solid, non-breathable plaster. This can create discomfort and skin problems for the patient during the healing process, like itchiness, rashes and skin infections. Custom 3D printed casts made with …By: sjpiper145 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Handmade Summer Gnocchi

This recipe really made my summer. Its astonishingly simple and has a wonderful flavor pallet. The handmade gnocchi turn out as smooth as little clouds and build up a foundation for the rucola walnut pesto.In combination with the quick balsamic tomatoes it is a real banger for relaxing summer nights…By: DavidInpetto Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


How to Dispose of Cooking Oil

Some of the best foods are made with cooking oil, but cooking oil can be a mess to clean up. Once the oil has cooled, decide if you want to throw it away, reuse it, or donate it. Store the cooking oil in a sealable container before you toss it in the trash, set it(…)


How to Make Your Own Apron

If you spend any amount of time in a woodworking workshop you’ll likely leave with sawdust filling your pockets. I have had many shop aprons in the past, but none of them fit me well and were to complex for my liking. I decided to make my own custom woodworking apron using waterproof canvas, 1"(…)