How to Make Hummus

Hummus is a classic Middle Eastern dip that’s enjoying renewed popularity. If you’d like to make your own, decide if you have time to soak and boil dried chickpeas. To make the hummus from scratch, blend your soaked chickpeas with garlic, tahini, and seasonings. For a quicker version, drain canned chickpeas and blend them with(…)


How to Curl Ribbon with Scissors

Whether you’re wrapping a gift, putting up party decorations, or working on a craft project, a bouncy bundle of curled ribbon can be the perfect finishing touch. To create one, you’ll just need a few strands of plastic curling ribbon and a pair of craft scissors. The technique involves firmly and slowly pulling the scissor(…)


How to Open a Pomegranate

Pomegranates are a delicious, nutritious fruit, but getting them open can seem tricky. Fortunately, there are a few simple techniques for opening this yummy fruit. If you just want to eat it, it’s easiest to make shallow slices with a knife and then pull the fruit apart. If you want to remove the seeds, you(…)