How to Make a Cheap Terrarium

Making a terrarium can be cheap and easy. If you have a clear glass container, gravel, gardening charcoal, soil, and small plants, you have all the ingredients you need to get started. A terrarium can be as inexpensive to create as the soil and plants you choose. Putting together a terrarium is a quick and(…)


How to Photograph a Painting

Capturing the beauty of a painting in a photograph is a quick and easy process. For best results, take the painting out of the frame, place it on a blank wall, and then place your camera and tripod in front of the painting. Optimise your camera for the shot and then use the timer to(…)


How to Pin a YouTube Comment to the Top

As a YouTube creator, you can pin a comment to the top of your YouTube video’s “Comments” section. This will help your viewers to see the best comment when viewing your video. You can pin your own comment or another user’s comment. EditSteps Go to or launch the YouTube app. Log in with your Google(…)


How to Forget Someone You Love

Breaking ties with someone is never easy, especially if you still love them. However, with time, patience, and a few healthy coping strategies, you can move on and find happiness again. Start by removing the person from your life, both by eliminating contact and taking down reminders. Then you can work on letting go of(…)