Pinecone Box

Hello and welcome. In this project i am going to make a resin and pinecone box. I will show you how i cast the blank and turned it on my lathe. If you like a video has been placed in the instructable that shows the process.EnjoyItems used for instructableLatheJacobs chuck4 jaw chuckJumbo flat jaw se…By:(…)


Grill Wheel Upgrade

Tired of my grill slipping down my driveway I’ve searched for a way to improve the wheels.My grill’s current casters do have a locking feature on two of the wheels, but they are insufficient on my slopped driveway (and I live in a condo with limited, approved grilling locations). Last year I tried r…By: MattInDetroit(…)


French Rolling Pin – No Lathe!

It’s more common to see a normal rolling pin with the rolling handles, but making pizza (I know, pizza isn’t French, but french fries aren’t either, so who’s to say rolling pins aren’t Italian) with one of these just makes you feel fancier, and for some they are better and more comfortable. I’ve nev…By: White(…)


IC Egg Timer

Created by: Gabriel ChiuOverviewThis project demonstrates the basics of digital logic, the characteristics of a NE555 timer, and demonstrates how binary numbers are counted. The components used are: a NE555 timer, a 12-bit ripple counter, two 2-input NOR gates, a 4-input AND gate, a 2-input AND gate…By: leeselectronic Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Heavy Duty Workbench With Chop Saw

Upon completion of my garage build last year, it was now time to build myself a heavy-duty workbench, that would both fit nicely in the space and allow plenty of storage.I wanted it to last, hence it needed to be strong and durable, but also very functional.After looking at a few ideas on instructab…By: forerunneruk(…)