Touching advertisement shows who kids want to have dinner with the most

Kids these days. They are always obsessing over their heroes like Beyoncé, Spiderman, Justin Bieber, Ferdinand Magellan and other megastars. So these are the names you’d expect to hear when a bunch of children get asked who they’d like to have dinner with. Their answers are actually the complete opposite In the likely-staged social experiment(…)


Nutella Croissants

Nutella Croissant – Get the full video recipe at Bubli’s World CuisineThis is a super simple recipe for making mini Nutella Croissants using Puff pastry sheets. Kids love them and grown ups too. It takes 2-3 minutes to prepare and just 10 minutes to bake. Step 1: Ingredients Ingredients: Recipe V…By: Bublisworldcuisine Continue Reading »(…)