Apple Pay has a Siri problem

“Apple pie?” The woman at the McDonald’s drive-through window was confused when I asked if I could use Apple Pay. “No, Apple Pay,” I said. “How many?” she asked, still thinking I was asking for an apple pie. To clear things up, I showed her my iPhone with the image of a credit card on(…)


Make Piezo Generator!

Using a piezoelectric element can make a piezoelectric generator.- piezoelectric- wire- LED- Sticker A, B Wires connected to the piezoelectric. 1. Fitted with a wire on the piezoelectric.2. Fitted with sticker(A) on the wire.3. Fitted with sticker(B) on the sticker(A). Press the piezoelectric….By: dkdls09 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Why some Clinton supporters may be hiding their enthusiasm

Hillary Clinton scored one of the biggest political victories of her life this week when she swept a series of critical primaries that essentially guaranteed her path to the Democratic presidential nomination.  Provided Clinton maintains her momentum and doesn’t lose to Sen. Bernie Sanders by huge margins in upcoming primaries, she will be the first woman(…)


Racing Wheel Stand

Video game steering wheels (and pedal-boxes) make playing racing games/simulators alot more fun. Of course they do! And for the money they charge for them they better! But even if you decide to fork over the dough and buy one, it won’t do you any good without something to mount it to. Off-the-sh…By: Enkiduu Continue(…)


Vetekrans (Easy to Make Swedish Pastry)

The Background of VetekransThe literal translation of vetekrans is “Wheat Crown”, although it’s more commonly referred to as Swedish Tea Ring. Vetekrans is a staple of Swedish coffee breaks ("fika", pronounced: "feekah") and is one of the better known pastries to originate from Scandinavia. For me,…By: purple elite Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


An interview with the realest social media managers in public transportation

On Wednesday, San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) experienced an electrical issue that took out a portion of track, forcing the agency to use a fleet of loaned buses to transport passengers and causing massive delays. Naturally, riders took their frustrations to Twitter, complaining about the near-constant service disruptions and the nagging feeling that(…)