#auspol: The Twitter hashtag Australia can’t live without

For Twitter users in North America, Asia or anywhere in the world, there’s a little hashtag that may from time to time stray into your Twitter trends. That would be #auspol, one of Australia’s most popular hashtag, which also rated third globally among trending political topics on the social media platform in 2015. On Twitter’s(…)


A Taste of Korean Culture

Kimchi JjigaeKimchi Jjigae is the comfort food for almost all Koreans. For Korean people, whenever you eat, there will always be kimchi, a spicy fermented cabbage side dish, served with almost every meal. Many Koreans use Kimchi to make a hot pot filled with meat, vegetables, and seasonings. It is a…By: dsim95 Continue Reading »(…)


AT&T is selling LG’s Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE again after four-month delay

LG’s Watch Urbane 2nd Edition — the company’s LTE-connected Android Wear smartwatch — is coming back to the market after being yanked from stores late last year. AT&T is now accepting pre-orders for the second-generation Watch Urbane, as well as the LG G5, the Korean company’s latest flagship Android phone. Both new and existing AT&T customers(…)


Indonesian army helicopter hunting most wanted militant crashes, killing at least 12

JAKARTA, Indonesia — An Indonesian military helicopter crashed and burst into flames Sunday during a mission to capture the country’s most wanted militant, killing at least 12 people on board. The Bell 412-EP helicopter was carrying 13 soldiers and crew when it went down about 35 minutes after taking off from Poso district’s Watutau village,(…)


Easter Egg Crayons

Kids love crayons, and they also love Easter. What better way to mix those two than with some colorful Easter Egg Crayons? These Easter eggs are fun, easy to make, and great for little kids to draw with. Materials Needed Things you will need for this project:• Glass jar or microwavable container….By: BradBuilds Continue Reading(…)


Usable Privacy Shows You What Privacy Policies Actually Mean, in Plain English

Privacy policies are notoriously dense and written in legalese—mostly to protect the company behind them—but Usable Privacy wants to distill them into something you can actually read and understand. Just give the service a URL, and if the privacy policy is available, it’ll break it down into segments and clean it up so you can(…)


Alexandria’s brainiest grabbed survival by the balls in the latest ‘Walking Dead’

Eugene Porter — Alexandria’s awkward, mullet-adorned bowl of country gravy — just earned a lot of respect on The Walking Dead … and all he had to do was bite some dude in the gonads.  If that sounds incredible, that’s because it was.  SEE ALSO: 23 times Carol blew our damn minds in the latest ‘The(…)