How to Play Middle C on the Piano

Middle-C or C4 is very important in understanding music theory and playing almost any instrument. But how can we find middle-C on the keyboard of a piano (or almost any kind of musical keyboard like E-Pianos and Synthesizers)? This article will guide you through. EditSteps EditStandard Method Look at the black colored keys of the(…)


Hand Washing Caddy

Between a desk job and the love of cooking, having dirty hands all the time doesn’t really work for this family. But we’re not about to give up our hobbies over a silly thing like that. There is always a way to clean off whatever gunk is on your hands, from epoxies to wood stains(…)


Painting Raw Wood

For many pieces of furniture I build, I like to have a bit of color. Maybe the inside of a cupboard or the outside of a panel for a shaker style cabinet door. I want a solid color but I still want to have the grain of the wood show through. I also want complete(…)


Apple says it doesn’t know why iTunes users are losing their music files

Apple today acknowledged iTunes users who claim the software deleted their music files, saying it will issue an update to iTunes next week that includes additional safeguards. The company confirmed, in a statement given to iMore, that “in an extremely small number of cases, users have reported that music files saved on their computer were removed without(…)