How to Get a Paid Blogging Job

Do you have a high-speed internet connection, a computer, and a love of writing? Do you want to turn that passion into a blogging career or at least supplement your everyday income with some sweet blogging money? While many people think of the blogging world with Arianna Huffington in the back of their minds, it(…)


Hammock Dog Bed

Here’s my instructable on how to make a hammock dog bed…You can buy these online (but not here in the uk) for about $ 150But why buy it, when you can make it!!! Apolagies about the photos, i had taken some throughout the making process, however i have since lost them. For this instructable you(…)


Alaskan Pallet Planter

Do you have an old pallet lying around that you don’t have a use for? Do you need a new outdoor rustic planter? Well try out the easy to make Alaskan Pallet Planter. Needs Wooden PalletHammer Pry bar Saw Flex sealOptional:Sand paperPaint Disassembling the pallet Remove 2nd and 3rd boards from …By: AKEMT Continue Reading(…)


Read Apple’s response to the FBI’s San Bernardino iPhone hack

The dispute between the FBI and Apple over an iPhone connected to the San Bernardino terrorist shootings came to an unexpected end earlier today, as the FBI revealed it had managed to break into the phone without Apple’s assistance. Details of how exactly it achieved this remain unclear. “It remains a priority for the government(…)