Hamster Camper

I was so proud after I made these hides / beds for my hamster. She used to sleep in one then move into the other for a while. She was a dwarf hamster and she was spoilt. I made a bottomless box from pallet wood and a plywood top. I shaped the front and back(…)


How to Make a Mutton Curry

New Zealand is known for producing great sheep, and our household enjoys eating lamb on a regular basis. We also enjoy mutton which is meat from an older sheep.Today we’re making a mutton saagwala. This healthy curry has plenty of silver beet and our version has no cream. Ingredients Cut up the …By: flour on(…)


Dark and Stormy Cocktail

A classic Dark and Stormy with its little spicy kick is a great drink for a cloudy day! Truth be told, I love making these delicious cocktails, whether the weather calls for rain or sunshine. Ingredients You’ll need:Ginger beerDark rum (spiced rum also works great)IceLime wedge (see my instructab…By: ModMischief Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)