How to Hold a Chinchilla

Rabbits, gerbils and hamsters may be more common choices, but chinchillas make great pets, too. Like rabbits, gerbils and hamsters, chinchillas are rodents with soft fur and a tail of medium length. They originate from South America.[1] Your chinchilla will learn to be comfortable with you if you handle it from an early age. Hold(…)


DIY Offroad Lighting

Hello everyone. First of all, thanks for checking out my Instructable! I have been a long time lurker and have never contributed to the community. This is my first submission; that being said, I hope it inspires you to create something of your own.For this Instructable, my roommate and I were intere…By: 1775 Continue Reading(…)


The Solar Roadway is getting a (tiny) test along Route 66

Solar Roadway’s crazy plan to replace America’s roads with solar panels has always been met with a mixture of public glee and pragmatic criticism. Now, though, the company is getting a new, tiny public test, with a stretch of solar sidewalk to be installed on Route 66. According to Missouri’s News Tribune, Solar Roadway’s hexagonal, LED-embedded solar(…)


RC Fireworks Truck

My co-worker Tom recently made an RC Army truck and I liked his project a lot… but I felt like it needed a little something… some firepower! So I asked him if I could add some remotely ignitable fireworks on a pan & tilt system, and of course he agreed. Parts List This is what(…)