Make a Perfect Presentation Box for a Perfect Gift (including the things Martha Stewart forgot to tell you!)

Have you ever made something so cool for someone that you knew you couldn’t just stick it in a padded envelope and ship it out to them? I hiked from Breckenridge to Aspen with my then 14 month-old on my back in late August of 2015. I couldn’t have done the trip without my friends(…)


Pistachio Carrot Spread

I was thinking about pistachios and tought they would make a great spread. Googled around, but couldn’t find much except this carrot pistachio hummus (in Dutch). I wanted a simple spread like the Cashew Nut Tzatziki Spread instructable I made, so I tried a three ingredient version. And I love it. …By: Tipple Continue Reading(…)


Toothbrush Timer With Mathquiz

This was my first Arduino project, and since the prototype was quite a success with the children, I soldered a permanent version. Since our bathroom has no accessible power plug, I made it battery powered.Brushing the teeth is expected to take 130 seconds: 30 seconds each for each corner and 10 seco…By: rgco Continue Reading(…)


Chicken Fajitas & Peppers

These are great tasting fajitas. They are quick and easy to make. For a gluten free version use lettuce leaves in place of the tortillas or use gluten free corn tortillas. This recipe can also be found at½ lbs boneless and skinless chicken breasts; cut into ¼” thic…By: Charlie for Star Continue Reading »(…)


How to Prepare a Cat for Air Travel

Just like their human counterparts, cats can feel stress and anxiety when traveling.[1] Removing your cat from her familiar environment can throw her for a loop. Therefore, you should put careful time and consideration into preparing your cat for air travel. Your extra effort will help make the travel experience less stressful for the both(…)