Selena Gomez dethrones Taylor Swift as the most followed Instagram user

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are just like you and your BFF — watching bad movies, baking cookies, being each other’s Grammy date and dethroning each other as the most followed Instagram user. Gomez just took the number one spot on the social platform and currently has 69.4 million followers.  SEE ALSO: Who runs Instagram?(…)


Apple News will let advertisers post sponsored articles

Apple is adding sponsored posts to Apple News, allowing advertisers to place their own articles right alongside the editorial stories people open up the app to find. Sponsored stories will appear in the news feed like any other article, the only difference being a small label beneath their preview saying “Sponsored.” Business Insider first spotted the(…)


Carpenter Bee Trap

Log home owners, barn lovers, and folks with wood trim on their houses are probably aware of the damage carpenter bees can do. Yes, they are considered pollinators, but when repairing the damage to your structure costs more than replanting your coreopsis, it’s time to draw the line. Materials No…By: Dr. P Continue Reading »(…)