Newspaper Dress

Hello There!Here’s an instructable of the newspaper dress I made a long time ago. Now I finally made a step by step walthrough of how I made this, yay! What you will need:Newspaper Scissors GlueShoelace or fabric stap Sewing pins A mannequin A lot of patienceI hope you enjoy this! Paper straps …By: plien Continue(…)


Magnetic Levitation

Hello Instructables community!A while back I published an Instructable for a wireless screen, as part of my GR.9 science fair. Right at the top I mentioned how, when the project was done, that I would publish an Instructable on my project, Levitation. So here I am… Now before I get started, I woul…By: headslant Continue(…)


Windows 10’s hidden hard drive partitions: How to find them, how to remove them

Anil Sood had three apparently unusable partitions on his laptop before upgrading to Windows 10. Now he has four. Can he make use of this seemingly wasted space? All of those partitions, none of which are accessible in Windows, look like a lot of waste. Some of them are waste. Others are necessary. Upgrading Windows(…)