Infinity:One is OLPC XO’s bigger, more responsible sibling

Remember One Laptop Per Child? They distributed a few million cheap, brightly-colored XO laptops running a weird version of Linux called “Sugar OS,” and then… what happened? Well, I’m not sure actually. But OLPC Australia is carrying the torch, sort of. This offshoot now calls itself “One Education,” and has just announced the Infinity:One. Gone(…)


Survival Tee Shirt

IntroductionA Survival Tee Shirt (STS) is a must have in your BOB, 72 Hour Bag, when Back Packing, Camping and stashed in your vehicle. This is one multipurpose piece of equipment. It is more than just a piece of clothing, other applications are as a Covering, Medical, Travel and Filtering/Cooking…By: ezman Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


How to Deal with Painful Ovulation

When you ovulate, your ovary releases an egg, along with follicular fluid and blood. For many women, normal ovulation produces no symptoms at all, but some women regularly experience pain and discomfort when they ovulate. These symptoms are sometimes called “mittelschmerz,” from the German words for “middle” (because ovulation occurs at the midpoint of your(…)