A Magnificent Rechargeable Flash Light With Bluetooth Speakers and Charging Cell Phones

Hi friends, In this instructable, I am reporting about a rechargeable flash light equipped with Bluetooth speakers and charging USB female for cell phone charging, so it is multi faceted device which is good for camping and walking in parks or mountaineering, it can be used for emergencies as well,…By: shahrokhani Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


The $1 Pliers Rack

I’ve been looking at making a rack for my drawer full of pliers. For a long time they’ve been kinda floating on top of each other. I’ve seen plans here and on youtube to make your own, but they seemed too labor involved. Call me lazy, but I don’t want to spend an hour making(…)


Homemade Manufactured Stone Veneer

If you have ever decided to renovate, well…anything in your home you know it can be a pretty expensive undertaking. I recently decided to upgrade my front yard and went looking for ways to cut costs but maintain a certain look. Home improvement/decorating projects are great for cutting costs bec…By: Nick70587 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Cute+Easy Needle Felt Penguin

I’ve been into needle felting lately, and in winter spirits, decided to do this needle felted penguin! Please note that they don’t have to look as evil as mine, haha. His eyes just look scary.For those who don’t know, needle felting is stabbing some wool with a needle to join the fibers together, to…By: Autumn_Arts(…)


DIY Rock Art Present

These rocks are perfect for anyone who loves creativity and/or nature. They can be used as a gift, or just decoration. They’re also really easy to make, just 3 steps! Get a rock Your rock should be smooth enough to write on, but it could have a few bumps. Shape doesn’t matter. Draw Draw or(…)