Studio Ghibli adapts world’s oldest manga into short animated film

Proving once again that whatever it touches turns to gold, acclaimed Japanese production house Studio Ghibli, adapted a 12th century picture scroll into a magnificent aniamted short. While you’ll still have to wait months before its long-awaited animated film The Red Turtle hits the big screens, you can still get your Ghibli fix with this(…)


Pies and Tarts

My oldest son likes Mangos and other tropical fruits, after a visit from my son I had some Mangos and Persimmon fruit left over and I did not have recipes for these fruit. So I decided to invent my own.I didn’t have recipes for Mango tarts or Persimmon tarts so I started with a Pumpkin(…)


Web version of Google’s Inbox app can now reply to emails for you

One of the most interesting features of the mobile version of Inbox — Google’s other mailbox-management app — is coming to its web version. Smart Reply, which scans your incoming messages and works out a natural-language response, is now available for Inbox on the web, giving users an easy way to reply to emails quickly without all that troublesome typing.(…)


Virtual home app to help people with dementia

A new Australian app uses 3D simulations of a home environment to help people living with dementia.  Created by Alzheimer’s Australia Vic and launched on Wednesday, the Dementia-Friendly Home app allows carers to better understand some of the visual and spatial challenges people with dementia — a collection of symptoms caused by brain disorders that make daily life progressively difficult(…)


Apple to DOJ: ‘The Founders would be appalled’ at San Bernardino iPhone case

Using a centuries-old, broad sweeping law to force Apple to create a backdoor to a terrorist’s iPhone is so off base it would upset even the founders of the United States, the tech giant essentially argues in its latest court filing as it continues its fight against the FBI. “The Founders would be appalled,” Apple(…)