Edward Snowden made an appearance at a secret Comic-Con screening of Snowden

Toward the climax of Oliver Stone’s Snowden, a powerful government official video links into a meeting room where he appears on a monitor that — for whatever reason — spans an entire wall. Throughout the scene, his enormous head glares down at Snowden. Frankly, the staging felt ridiculous. At least until I was put in(…)


Restore a Cast Iron Frying Pan

Have you come across a vintage cast iron frying pan in a garage sale, only to be dismayed to realize that years of neglect has turned it into a pile of rust and crud?With just a basic edge grinder with a wire brush head (and some good PPE – Personal Protection Equipment!), you can quickly(…)


Measureing Lux, Flashlight Beam Distance, Throw, range, Yards, Meters

In this video learn how to calculate the beam distance of a flashlight. Finding the true range/distance capability of your long range flashlights. Using a digital light meter, Digital lux meter, or lux meter app/ light meter app on your phone. Step 1: Gather your materials You will need.1….By: MatthewS225 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)