Woven Leather Necklace Cord

Ever wanted to make a beautiful hand-woven pendant cord out of leather? It’s not as hard as it looks, although it can take a while. Follow this guide to make your own personal hand-woven leather necklace that can support all sorts of pendants. Project Materials For this project we will need, of c…By: Nokota Continue(…)


How to Measure Your Inseam

Inseam measurements are required for choosing and tailoring accurate clothing sizes, and may also be necessary for picking the right bicycle. Measure your inseam by extending a soft tape measure from the bottom of your crotch area, down the inside of your leg, and to the bottom of your inner foot. You can also measure(…)


Longtime Google exec resigns from Uber’s board over conflicts of interest

Alphabet executive David Drummond resigned from Uber’s board of directors several weeks ago, reports The Wall Street Journal. Uber confirmed the report in an email to The Verge. Among his other duties at Alphabet, Drummond is the chairman of its various investment arms, including GV, formerly known as Google Ventures, which invested $ 250 million(…)


Batik Leather Wallet

I love working with leather and exploring ways to decorate it. Here I chose the technique of batik, using wax and dye, to make a colourful leather wallet. Materials: Vegetable tanned leather, 1 to 2mm thick is suitable (14 x 8 in.)Waxed thread Sam brown stud Tools: Sewing awl and needle to make …By: Yemitco(…)


Dry shampoo

My roommate shared her recipe for dry shampoo with me and it has really made my life easier.I went from having to wash my hair every day or every other day to three times a week. It’s really excellent when you are traveling or camping and don’t have access to showers.Dry shampoos tend to cost(…)