How to Two Step

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The two step, also called the Texas two step or the country two step, is a fast traveling dance that’s popular with country music lovers. The movement of the dance is similar to walking, so it’s fairly easy to learn. Start by getting into your dancing position, with one partner leading. Then, practice moving in a quick, quick, slow, slow pattern to a 6-beat count. After you master your footwork, you can add turns.


[Edit]Getting into Position

  1. Stand close to your partner and face them. Stand tall with your back straight and your legs about hip-width apart. Position yourselves about apart with your feet slightly off center from each other.[1]
    Two Step Step 1 Version 3.jpg
    • Keeping your body close to your partner’s will help you stay together while you’re dancing.
  2. Put your right hand on your partner’s left shoulder blade if leading. Wrap your right arm loosely around your partner’s side under their left arm. Then, position your right hand at the middle of their left shoulder blade, keeping your palm flat.[2]
    Two Step Step 2 Version 3.jpg
    • Don’t press down into their skin. Keep your hand soft against their shoulder blade.
  3. Place your left hand above the lead’s right bicep if you’re following. Lay your left arm over your partner’s right arm and put your left hand just above their right bicep. Gently grip their arm so that it will be easier to follow their movement.[3]
    Two Step Step 3 Version 3.jpg
    • Don’t dig your fingers into their bicep or squeeze down too hard.
  4. Use your free hand to hold your partner’s hand. Hold your arm out to the side at about shoulder level. Use a firm but comfortable grip to hold your partner’s hand. Keep your arm loose with your elbow slightly bent.[4]
    Two Step Step 4 Version 3.jpg
    • If you’re the lead, use your left arm to hold your partner’s hand.
    • If you’re following, use your right arm.
  5. Stand to the left so you can see over your partner’s right shoulder. You don’t want to be perfectly centered because it will make it hard for you to see. Both partners should be about a step to the left rather than directly centered. Make sure you can see over your partner’s right shoulder so you’ll be aware of your surroundings.[5]
    Two Step Step 5 Version 3.jpg
    • If you can’t see over their shoulder, take another step to your left.

[Edit]Doing a Basic Two Step

  1. Count 1 beat for the first quick step. Step forward with your left leg if you’re leading, or step backward with your right leg if you’re following. Both you and your partner should step at the same time. Keep your step quick because it’s a single beat.[6]
    Two Step Step 6 Version 3.jpg
    • During the dance, maintain a stance that is comfortable for walking. The movement of the two step is similar to walking.
  2. Take a quick second step to the 2nd beat. Move your right leg forward if you’re leading or your left leg back if you’re following. Make the step quickly and together, counting out 1 beat.[7]
    Two Step Step 7 Version 3.jpg
    • Don’t worry about bringing your feet together because it isn’t necessary.
  3. Step slowly on beats 3 and 4. Slow down your movement so that this step takes 2 beats instead of 1. Step forward with your left leg if you’re the lead or step backward with your right leg if you’re following. Once again, both partners should step together.[8]
    Two Step Step 8 Version 3.jpg
    • You’ll step the same way as you did for the first step, but this time it will be slow.
  4. Take another slow step on beats 5 and 6. If you’re the lead, move your right leg forward. If you’re following, step backward with your left leg. Go slowly so that your step takes 2 beats.[9]
    Two Step Step 9 Version 3.jpg
    • Step the same way as you did in the second step but go slowly.
  5. Follow the line of dance if you’re dancing alongside other couples. The line of dance is an imaginary line that goes around the dance floor. Faster dancers stay to the outside of the dance floor, while slower dancers move closer to the inside. Stay in the line that best matches your pace so that you don’t accidentally bump into other dancers.[10]
    Two Step Step 10 Version 3.jpg
    • This line will move counter-clockwise.
    • If people are line dancing, they’ll do it at the center of the dance floor inside the line of dance.

[Edit]Adding Turns

  1. Add the turn after you complete a set of steps. Turns go at the end of a quick, quick, slow, slow set. After you complete a set, the lead will twirl the follower. The turn will replace a set of steps so that the pattern of the dance isn’t affected.[11]
    Two Step Step 11 Version 3.jpg
  2. Keep holding hands but release each other’s shoulder and bicep. You and your partner will hold hands throughout the turn. However, the lead will remove their hand from the follower’s shoulder blade, and the follower will let go of the lead’s arm. As you turn, raise your joined hands so that it will be easier for the follower to twirl.[12]
    Two Step Step 12 Version 3.jpg
    • It’s okay to temporarily release each other’s hands during the turn if necessary. Don’t twist your wrist as you turn.
  3. Turn on the 2 quick steps if you’re following. If you’re the follower, quickly turn as you count out your quick, 1 beat steps. If you’re leading, take 2 quick steps forward but make sure you’re giving your partner enough room to turn.[13]
    Two Step Step 13 Version 3.jpg
    • It’s still up to the lead to keep the dance moving forward at the right pace.
  4. Return to your dancing position on the slow steps. After the turn, get back into your dancing frame. Then, take 2 slow steps to complete the set. Continue into your next set of steps.[14]
    Two Step Step 14.jpg



  • Look for two step classes at local dance studios, your local community center, or at nearby dance halls.
  • Watch videos of two step dancing to help you learn the steps.
  • Don’t bounce as you two step. Your moves should be smooth and rhythmic.
  • Be confident in your moves! Even if you make mistakes, it’s unlikely that people will notice.


[Edit]Quick Summary

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