How to Make Someone Feel Better Via Text Message

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It can be hard to cheer up someone you care about when you’re not face-to-face. However, texting can be a powerful tool! Try sending them a good joke or hysterical meme to put a smile on their face. For something more personal, use an image editing app to create a funny picture of yourself. If they’re pretty upset, you may want to skip the jokes and encourage them to text you about their problem. Let them vent as much as they need to. To get their mind off things and put them in better spirits, invite them to do something really fun or silly with you!


EditMaking Them Laugh

  1. Text them a good joke. If you have a favorite joke that never fails to make people laugh, try texting that to the person in question. If you aren’t sure what to send, run an internet search using keywords like “funny jokes you can text” or “text humor.” Scroll through the results until you find something good.
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    • Try searching for jokes associated with their favorite topic, like animals or movies. Or you can look for their favorite type of humor, such as puns.
    • If your friend appreciates really nerdy humor, Googling “Dad jokes” will bring up pages of silly options to choose from.[1]
    • Try to stay away from anything questionable or inappropriate.
  2. Send them a hilarious meme. There are no shortage of hilarious memes out there! You can Google something general like “memes to make your friends laugh” and scroll through the results. If you know the person really loves something in particular, try zeroing in on that specifically.[2]
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    • For example, if the person is a huge Game of Thrones fan, run a Google image search to find related memes that will surely crack them up.
    • Use one of the many meme generators online, like the Laughing Goat generator, to create something unique and specific.[3]
    • You can also create a meme yourself and send that to them.
  3. Send a silly photo or video of yourself. Snap a picture of yourself making a ridiculous face or create a brief video of yourself reciting a silly monologue and text that to them. If you want to get more creative, experiment with Snapchat filters. You can also check out free image editor apps, like Make Me Bald and LOL Booth FX, that can help you generate something hilarious.
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    • Try out one of the many apps that allow you to turn yourself into an emoji, and then text them a few silly versions of yourself.[4]
  4. Find or make the perfect GIF to crack them up. There are some really funny GIFs out there! Try searching GIF libraries for something that relates to their situation. Or search for GIFs that showcase their favorite characters from TV shows and movies.
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    • A great library for GIFs is GIPHY. Find the app in your phone’s app store, download it, and then attach the GIFs directly to text messages. If you don’t want to download the app, check out their user-friendly mobile website.[5]
    • You can also make your very own GIF. GIPHY offers this feature, or you can try another app to create a custom GIF.[6]
  5. Challenge them to an exclusive emoji convo. This silly texting game can be distracting and a lot of fun! Shoot them a text letting them know that for the next 20 minutes, you will be communicating using emojis only. Challenge them to respond the same way. See if you can decipher each other’s messages and try to get them laughing with a unique combination of emojis.
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    • You might start the conversation with a smiley face or show 2 friends together. Then, let your imagination run wild.
  6. Make them smile with a funny eCard. Different online websites offer pre-made cards that you can send through text message. These websites are typically searchable, so use the search tool to find something specific to their situation. Somecards, for example, lets you search for eCards about breakups and other specific situations.
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    • For example, one funny card says, “It’s better to have loved and lost than to live with a psycho for the rest of your life.” Such a card is sure to remind your friend that they are probably better off without their ex![7]

EditShowing Them You Care

  1. Ask them what’s happening and let them vent about their problem. Let them lead the conversation, and don’t rush in to offer help or fix things. Simply be present for your friend. While your friend tells the story, text comments that make them feel validated like, “That’s awful” or “I’m so sorry about that.”
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    • Make sure your replies read as genuine and supportive.
    • You can replace nonverbal cues with images, such as the “wow” emoji, and you can use comments like, “That’s so unfair.”
  2. Remind them of how great they are. Send your friend a text outlining 3 things you love about them. You can type the message into the text box, write the message down and photograph it, or even make a video and attach it to the text.[8]
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    • For instance, you might text, “You are an awesome friend. I love that you have a great sense of humor and you’re always there when I need you. You make a mean ice cream sundae, too. Hope you feel better!”
  3. Link to an uplifting verse or song. If you’re having a hard time finding the right words to say, look for a song or poem that can express what you’re thinking. If you know your friend loves a particular band or writer, search for options from those sources. You can also use apps like AUPEO that allow you to search for songs based on a particular mood.[9]
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    • Include some inspirational text with the song link, like “Life is like music. It has high notes and low notes.”[10]
  4. Send encouragement with an inspirational quote. Sometimes, it can be hard to know just the right thing to say to someone who’s feeling down. In these instances, an inspirational quote can lift someone’s mood. Try to send something relating to what your friend is going through.
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    • For example, if a friend bombed a job interview, you might send this Victor Kiam quote, “Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.”[11]
    • Brainyquote is a great source for inspirational quotes to send friends and family members.[12]
  5. End with a cute, heartfelt, or creative send-off. Instead of just saying “bye” at the end of the conversation, you can say something playful or lighthearted like, “I hope your dreams are sweeter than your day was!” Or you could try something supportive like, “Have an awesome afternoon. I can’t wait to talk to you again later.” A more creative sign-off might make the other person smile a bit.
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EditTaking Action

  1. Schedule plans with them. A positive hangout session can go a long way towards making your friend feel better. Offer to take them out for ice cream, or ask them to go see a movie you know they’ve been dying to check out. You can also make plans to simply hang out together and talk.[13]
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    • You might send, “Hey, I know you had a rough day. How about pizza and a movie later?”
    • If you live too far away for an in-person hangout session, suggest a phone call or video chat instead.
  2. Offer them your help. Text them asking if there are any chores or errands you can help them with, or if there’s anything in general you can help them do. Maybe you can help them with their homework, or study for the next history test together. Offering them your time and energy shows that you care and gives you the chance to cheer them up in person.[14]
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    • If don’t live close to your friend, ask them how you can help them out from a distance.
  3. Invite them to do something really silly with you. Text your friend and ask if they want to help you build a blanket fort and watch bad movies at your place. Invite them to go swing on the swingsets at the nearest park. Invite them over to dress up in the most ridiculous costumes possible. Choose something silly and unexpected so they’ll be sure to smile![15]
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    • You could also challenge them to a noodle fight in your pool or put together a silly scavenger hunt.
    • If you don’t live close enough to get together in-person, suggest something silly like a staring contest via video chat.
  4. Get additional help if nothing seems to work. If your friend is truly depressed, texting them may not help that much. If they don’t come around after several weeks, you may need to take a closer look at their behavior. Consider speaking with their parents, spouse, family members, or a counselor to call in additional reinforcements.[16]
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    • If there’s no one you can contact to help, consider speaking to your friend directly about their situation. You could start off by saying something like, “I’m worried about you. Have you considered talking to a professional about your feelings?”

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