How to Name a Star

If you were interested in naming a star after yourself or someone you know, several companies offer services to name your own star. Note that the star won’t be the official name of the star and it’s likely that the star has already been named something else in another registry. While the name won’t be(…)


How to Make a Floral Headdress

Floral headdresses are the ultimate accessory for any music festival, garden party, or boho-style outdoor wedding. After selecting your florals and greenery and molding the base of your crown, you can create your own unique floral headdress that will make a statement whatever the occasion. [Edit]Steps [Edit]Selecting Your Florals and Greenery Choose the main flowers(…)


How to Set up Lighting for a Party

Lighting is an important part of setting up a fun party. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money figuring out what you need, but you do need to make a couple of decisions about how to light up a room. There are many different light sources available, so choose what goes(…)


How to Connect Alexa to a Car

Imagine you’re jamming to a song on Amazon Prime Music and don’t want the tunes to stop between the living room and car. Amazon Alexa will follow you and play your favorite tunes no matter where you go. If your car isn’t already a connected car, there are other ways to get Alexa to work(…)


How to Clean a Curling Iron

If you use your curling iron often, you may not even notice that it’s building up gunk and grime. Curling irons pick up oils and dirt from your hair, as well as gunk from hairspray and gels. Try to quickly clean your curling iron at least once a week with simple products you have around(…)


How to Become an Umpire

Being an umpire is a tough and rewarding job. As an umpire, you’re in charge of making a variety of subjective calls and rulings over the course of a baseball game. While this can be a lot of fun, it can also be quite challenging. To be an umpire, you have to have thick skin(…)


How to Prevent Forehead Wrinkles

Your forehead is one of the main places where wrinkles will appear as you age. If you’re worried about developing wrinkles, you can take steps to minimize them. Keep in mind, though, no treatment will prevent wrinkles completely. Nonetheless, things like protecting your skin from the sun, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, adjusting your facial position,(…)


How to Quiet Your Inner Critic

Dealing with your inner critic can be really frustrating, and it may even be holding you back from the life you want. Your inner critic is the part of your personality that tells you you’re not good enough. While this can sometimes help you improve, it might also keep you stuck in a rut. Fortunately,(…)