Maggots, Millipede and Larvae cupcake

This tutorial will show you how to make these spooky chocolate cupcakes! How to sculpt realistic larvae and maggots Tools and ingredients:-White fondant or gumpaste-Orange fondant-Red and yellow food coloring-Black Food Marker Pen-Toothpicks-Very thin paintbrush-Lemon syrup (for drinks)Maggots:Ma…By: ProfGenki Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


ESP8266 as a Microcontroller

As it was already mentioned in the Getting Started with ESP8266 ESP-01 tutorial, the Wi-Fi module is fully programmable, allowing us to use it as a microcontroller and manipulate inputs and outputs.In this tutorial we are going to show how to program the ESP module via Arduino UNO to blink an LED an…By: JayconSystems Continue(…)


Bucket With Bottle Opener Attached

Attach a bottle opener to a beer bucket. Simple little hack. Items needed 1. Beer bucket2. Bottle opener 3. Two nuts and two bolts/screws4. Metal stock to beef up the thin bucket5. Drill, drill bit, screw bit and pliers Mark, Drill, and install the opener with backup plate 1. Cut a metal…By: ortega18paul Continue Reading(…)