“Fortune” Eggs

Fortune cookies is lame…Now it’s time for………."Fortune" Eggs! Preparing First,you will need an egg.You will need to poke a hole at the bottom of it and the top of it..(The bottom hole shoud be bigger).T Drying You must dry it well because we will insert a note in it.I used cotton and ti…By: Mursyidin Suratman(…)


How to Make a Spray Detangler

Do you dread unraveling your labyrinth of knots? Does your little girl cry with the sight of a brush? A homemade detangler spray makes this much easier, without breaking your wallet. EditSteps EditMaking Detangler for Curly Hair Start with storebought or homemade conditioner. Leave-in or rinse-out conditioner will work for this purpose. A quality conditioner(…)