Chocolate Candy Geode

Using a few simple ingredients, you can make a stunning (and huge!) piece of candy that looks like a precious gem. And to cast it, all you need is some household equipment a little patience. Gather Your Ingredients You will need:Dry rice, flour, dried beans, beads, sand, or a similar substance (f…By: ashervivi88 Continue Reading(…)


Wooden Cross With Inlay

I came across the idea of making inlays in wood using molten sulfur in a book on furniture and thought I’d give it a go.The technique requires a thin (1/16” to 3/16” (1.5mm to 4mm)) groove to be carved in timber, into which molten sulfur is poured. This solidifies, expanding slightly as it sets whic…By:(…)


Surprise Yellow Owl Cake

Hello Everyone! In this Instructable I’m going to show you how to make a Suprise Yellow Owl Cake.The cake is shaped like and owl, is decorated with different types of yellow icing. The surprise should be that the inside is multi-coloured, but I’ve kind of spoiled the surprise in the above gif!This i…By: cazlo Continue(…)


Elevated Garden Planter

This was a very simple DIY project that you can make in just a few hours. Last year we had a very nice garden with lots of things in it including lettuce. The only problem was that the rabbits also really enjoyed the lettuce. So this year I decide to make an elevated garden planter(…)


Resin Cast Coasters

There is a war being waged in your home. Drinkware and condensation have conspired in a brazen and brutal attack on your furniture, and the casualties are mounting. The stakes are high and the time for action is fleeting.But there is hope. A growing resistance rises against this awful tyranny. They …By: eLVirus88 Continue Reading(…)


Japanese Family Name Plate

My school runs an foreign exchange program with our sister school in Fukui, Japan. This year I got the unique experience of hosting a student from Japan in the Fall and then visiting his family later in the Spring. As an gift (or "omiyage") for my host family in Japan, I decided to make them(…)


Aquapipot: Waterplanter, Aquatic Flowerpot, Aquarium, Pipe Structure – Difficult to Describe, Just Look.

INTRODUCTION: With this instructable I show you how to build an aquapipot. An example will be built, but you do not have to stick to it, as it is fairly big and requires a lot of work. We will discuss that soon. However, I will provide generic design solutions with shape generators made via Tinkerca…By:(…)


Recycled Bottle Lamp

Hi All,In this instructable, I will share how to recycle an old VAT69 bottle into a tabletop lamp.This is small build can be completed within few hoursIf you like the article please vote for me What Do We Need ? Material- 3/4" plywood- 4/32" plywood- Empty Vat69 bottle- Pva glue or fevicol- Led c…By: Amit_Jain(…)