7 Band Led Audio Visualizer

This is a project that takes in a continuous analog signal usually music and uses it to light a 7 band led visualizer. It uses the MSGEQ7 chip to analyze the music signal to get the frequency magnitudes and maps it to the led strips. The Led strips used are the SK6812 also known as(…)


Meringue Delights

Easy and creative meringue cookies great for parties and holidays and guaranteed to wow your guests and family!! -Prepare Your Tools and Equipment *mixer (hand, automatic) *rubber spatula*bowls*baking sheet tray*parchment paper*cling wrap*measuring cup (dry and wet)*piping bag*piping tip (large)…By: Maxelllalala123 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


How to Wear a Lace Bodysuit

A lace bodysuit is a timeless piece of lingerie and, with the right styling, it can be transformed into a bold outfit. Pick a coverage that you feel comfortable with first, before starting to style your outfit. Then choose a top to layer the lace bodysuit with, before picking the right bottoms to finish off(…)


Wooden Shapes Puzzle

My daughter loves puzzles and recently got interested in shapes. I decided to make her a wooden puzzle with basic shapes using my Glowforge laser cutter. This can also be made with woodworking tools.You can use as many different shapes and colors as you want. I also show how you can use either thick…By: Penolopy(…)


A Solar Car Project

Prerequisites / Parts List This guide will be for hobbyists who wish to construct a small scaled solar powered car for any occasion. This car will be designed to be as light as possible to maximize the acceleration and top speed achieved by the limited capabilities of the selected solar cells and mo…By: KevinM500 Continue(…)


DIY Christmas Decor Lights

Hello friends in this instructable i have come across wonderful light decor idea for Christmas and new year.It is very to build and all the materials can be found in and around home ..Continue Reading Https:// Click on This Link for Full Tutorial…By: ROBO HUB Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Faith’s WSU GoBabyGo

Fall 2018 Materials Needed N.B. Some or all of these materials may differ to some degree from what we initially specify here. Nevertheless they are very similar and will perform the job with some minor differences in installation.● Car-Best choice Products 12V Kids ride on truckhttps://www.walmar…By: WSUGoBabyGo Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Audi TTs 12V With Big Mac Button (Waylon)

Here are some BEFORE pictures of Waylon’s car. Gathering Parts/Materials Materials: Yellow Audi TTs 12V ( 1 Relay 1 Big Mac Button Velcro StripsWoodKill Switch ButtonTools: Measuring tape/ruler Electrical tape Duct tap…By: WSUGoBabyGo Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured