MTV’s Catfish wants to introduce people to their internet trolls in real life

MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show, a morally questionable documentary series based on the infamous, morally questionable documentary film of the same name, usually seeks out romantic relationships between internet strangers from which to draw poignant and/or horrifying human drama. But for the remainder of the show’s sixth season, it is trying something new: it’s uniting(…)


Sennheiser is working with Samsung to bring its 3D audio earbuds to Android

Three-dimensional audio — otherwise known as binaural audio — is all about recording sound as close as possible to the way your ears hear it. Usually that means using big recording rigs configured to look like a human head, but Sennheiser wants to make the process simpler. Earlier this year at CES, it unveiled its(…)


This retro Mac-shaped iPhone stand looks nice, but is kind of pointless

A few months back, Elago released its W3 Apple Watch stand, which took advantage of the wearable’s Nightstand mode to serve as a clever bedside stand to charge your watch while simultaneously making it look like the world’s most adorable original Macintosh. Now, the company is hoping to strike Lightning twice with a similarly retro(…)


Apple threatened to boot Uber from the App Store when it tracked users who deleted the app

Apple CEO Tim Cook threatened to have Uber’s iPhone app removed from the App Store in 2015, when it learned that the ride-sharing company had secretly found a way to identify individual iPhones, even once the app was deleted from the phone, according to The New York Times. The article is a wide-ranging profile of(…)


Britain goes a day without coal-fired power for first time since the 1880s

Great Britain has gone an entire day without using electricity produced from coal for the first time since the industrial revolution says National Grid, the country’s energy utility. The country has gone without coal-produced power numerous times before, but never for an entire day. Instead, the country used power produced from natural gas (50.3 percent),(…)