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BEE You Wall Art DIY Project

Want a fun, simple craft project that reminds you of how great you truly are every time you see it? This DIY BEE You stencil project is something you can use on virtually any surface – from wood to canvas and even walls and furniture! What you’ll need to get started:A 15×20 surfaceBlessed Rescue Res…By:(…)


Making a Longboard

This summer, we decided to build our first Longboard. Jaimie had never ridden a longboard before and while Jay has been a skater for most of his life, he’d never actually built a board from scratch either. We decided it was a perfect project for us. Whether you’re a longtime longboarder or want to g…By:(…)


Amazing Apple Crisp

In this instructable I will show you how to make Apple Crisp. This homemade apple crisp recipe is very easy to make, using few ingredients. If you like apple pie, then you have to try this out. It is almost like a crustless apple pie. Top it off with some vanilla ice cream and drizzle(…)


DIY Brushless Dremel Tool

Its been almost two years as I got my first batch of cordless tools, most of them were brushless so love the amount of power these tools offer. With me scratching my head about what to built next I had an idea to built a brushless Dremel tool thats powered by those high capacity lithium(…)


Making a Baby Gate for Cheap

Now that our daughter has decided she wants to climb on and over everything in our house it’s time to baby proof the stairs. There are a bunch of commercial baby gates available, but I wanted to make one to an exact size that didn’t cost too much.Here is what I used: Rigid Table Saw(…)


Two Sided PCB Making With a 3D Printer

I will try to explain the making of an isolation router type two-sided PCB with a help of a modified 3d printer.This page inspired me to use my 3d printer for PCB making. Actually, the method described on that page works well enough. If you follow the steps you probably optain a well crafted one-sid…By:(…)


CNC Plasma Cut Deer Head

In my metalworking shop in Oklahoma City, I build all sorts of things. A year ago a client’s son asked me if he could apprentice under me in the afternoons as his High School’s "Externship" program. I’ve always said there’s no value to letting your knowledge die with you, so I accepted and he starte…By:(…)