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How to Roller Skate Backwards

For many people, roller skating forwards is incredibly difficult. Learning how to skate takes practice, so you should make sure you wear protective gear in case you fall down. Before you attempt to skate backwards, you need to know the basics of roller skating. Once you are confident in your ability to skate forward and(…)


How to Measure a Dog for Clothes

Dog clothes are cute, and they can also be super functional. From sweaters, coats, and hoods that keep your pup warm in cool weather to harnesses to keep them safe on walks, it’s important to get your dog’s measurements right. Clothes that are too tight could cut off blood circulation, and clothes that are too(…)


How to Start a Volunteer Organization

Creating a volunteer organization can be a deeply fulfilling and fun process, but it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Anyone can start a volunteer group with a positive attitude and patient mindset. To create a successful organization, you’ll want to carefully define your goals to craft a mission statement. From there, you(…)


How to Pack for a Desert Hike

Explore the desert with a long hike, but first pack everything you need. Grab a daypack and stock it with essentials like water, food, first aid kit, extra clothing, flashlight, knife, and map. Leave some extra water, food, and medical supplies in your car, just in case. Also be sure to protect yourself from the(…)