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How to Manage Stress Sweat

Stress sweat is actually produced by different glands and is thicker and more difficult to deal with than regular sweat. In addition, stress sweat can occur quickly and suddenly. Fortunately, you can manage your stress sweat. Use a stronger antiperspirant, trim your underarm hair to keep allow the antiperspirant to soak into your skin better,(…)


How to Change the World

You want to change the world, but you aren’t sure where to start. First and foremost, remember that changing the world can mean so many different things. You might change the world in one big way, or you might do many small things. You’ll need to think big, but manage your expectations. Most importantly: find(…)


How to Make a Green Tea Toner

Green tea has anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, and antioxidant properties.[1] This means that green tea may be beneficial for a wide-range of skin problems and for your skin’s general health. You can easily make a toner using freshly brewed green tea to gain these benefits. Add optional ingredients to customize your toner and use it twice daily(…)


How to Knit Scrubbies

Scrubbies are small abrasive dishcloths that you can use to clean hard surfaces and dishes. You can knit your own scrubbies using a special type of scrubby yarn or a combination of dishcloth yarn and nylon netting. This is an easy, quick, and useful project for knitters of all levels, so make some scrubbies for(…)


How to Help a Cat with Anxiety

Just like humans, cats sometimes struggle with anxiety. If you notice your feline friend acting nervous, irritable, aggressive, or clingy, this may indicate that it’s anxious. You may be able to help by offering an enriching, low-stress environment. If your cat’s anxiety is new or severe, make an appointment with your vet to discuss possible(…)


How to Start Learning Guitar

Learning how to play the guitar can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. If you’re just starting off, it’s important that you practice specific techniques before trying to tackle an entire song. First, you’ll need to learn how to strum single notes on the guitar. Then, you should learn how to play basic power chords.(…)


How to Increase Good Bacteria in Your Gut

There are two kinds of foods that help balance your gut: prebiotics and probiotics. You can get both through a healthy diet. However, if you’re still having digestive trouble, you might want to consider adding a supplement. Keep in mind that everyone’s gut will react differently to different kinds of foods. Instead of trying to(…)


How to Paint Pebbles

Whether you’re in the classroom or staying at home, painting pebbles is a fun, engaging craft that you can do just about anywhere! First, use soap and water to clean off any dirt and grime from the rocks. Once you’ve used sandpaper to buff away any rough edges, use a pencil and some scrap paper(…)