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The problem with ‘unlocking’

For FBI allies, “unlocking” has become a useful word. The latest salvo came in a New York Times opinion piece on Tuesday, in which NYPD commissioner William Bratton and a coauthor weighed in on Apple’s legal fight under the headline “Why Apple Should Unlock an iPhone.” The problem, according to Bratton, started when Apple decided(…)


Climate activists who staged protest at Heathrow airport avoid prison

LONDON — The 13 climate change activists known as the Heathrow 13, who stormed the London airport last summer and were told they could face prison in January, have been spared jail. The group, from direct action network Plane Stupid, were given six-week sentences suspended for 12 months at Willesden Magistrates Court in north-west London(…)


Ryan Reynolds would like the Academy to consider ‘Deadpool’ for an Oscar

Despite the fact that the 2016 Oscars are less than a week out, Ryan Reynolds has a plea for the Academy: Vote for Deadpool. As it currently stands, the box office hit is nominated for zero categories. Reynolds wants to change that. SEE ALSO: Deadpool and Harley Quinn: The most perfect (and batsh*t crazy) couple(…)



The idea behind this instructable is to safely store micrometers and access them from a single box. Space saving is crucial for my workshop and even a box less makes a big difference.They used to lay around in the workshop in plastic containers banging one another, so a wooden box was a necessity.I …By: demetris.efrem(…)