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This vaginal ring can safely reduce the risk of HIV in women, trial shows

A vaginal ring that dispenses an HIV-preventative drug blocked about a quarter of HIV infections in a trial involving 2,600 women in Africa, according to a report published in The New England Journal of Medicine. When the numbers were broken down by age, researchers found that the monthly ring blocked more than half of HIV infections(…)


Accused Kalamazoo shooter charged with 6 counts of murder

Jason Dalton, the 45-year-old man accused in Saturday night’s shooting rampage in Kalamazoo, Michigan, was charged Monday with six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. See also: Kalamazoo shooting suspect was an Uber driver who took fares during rampage, local police say Six people were killed and two others wounded over the(…)


Spike and Nickelodeon team up for sure-to-be-adorable ‘Lip Sync Battle Jr.’

Move over, Elsa Channing Tatum: In typical Hollywood fashion, someone younger is about to start gunning for your job Spike and Nickelodeon have announced that they’re teaming up to develop Lip Sync Battle Jr. — a spinoff of the highly entertaining, Internet-beloved TV series. According to the network, the show will “celebrate kids’ love of(…)


Lingerie / Sock Storage -no Sew

This easy to make storage solution helped me to organize my big chaotic pile of socks and underwear.i already made 4 and they are super practical, nice looking and don’t need floor space.you just need some basic tools, and it’s a very customizable design – use fabric as i did, paint it, decorate it …By:(…)

8 Android voice commands that are actually really useful

Sure, it’s cool to say, “OK Google” to your Android phone and ask questions like, “What’s the best sushi place nearby?” or “How did Mount Everest get its name?” But once the novelty of gimmicky voice commands like those wears off, you may find yourself hardly ever speaking to your Android device—well, unless you’re chatting(…)


Dinner With Dessert

Crock pots are great but I hate it when everything you cook tastes the same. So I am going to show you how to cook different items and they each taste great. And you even get dessert. The secret is you need aluminum foil and your crock pot. Everything you see here was cooked in(…)