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Trammel of Archimedes

This mechanism consists of a base with two slots intersecting at right angles. Two sliders are confined within the slots and are attached to a handle by pivots (screws) at fixed positions along the handle. The mechanism can be used for drawing a perfect ellipse. This is done by positioning a writi…By: mtairymd Continue Reading(…)


What to do when you’re a woman and a man takes credit for your success

We already know, thanks to Beyoncé, that girls run the world. And yet it seems they hardly get the credit they deserve.  Many women know this anecdotallyAcademic research, to a certain extent, confirms those instincts. Women often aren’t awarded the same level of recognition as their male peers and they even deprive themselves of that credit(…)


Tiny Groot returns in your first look at ‘Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2’

If you didn’t see the first Guardians of the Galaxy, you might want to stop reading right now — because spoilers are about to happen. Noble tree-alien Groot sacrificed himself at the end of Guardians, only to return a short time later as a tiny, dancing sprout that the Internet immediately fell in love with. Now the(…)


Baltimore drug kingpin who inspired characters on ‘The Wire’ has died

BALTIMORE — A Baltimore drug kingpin who inspired characters on HBO’s “The Wire” has died while serving a term in federal prison in North Carolina. Baltimore Health Department spokesman Sean Naron confirmed on Tuesday that 54-year-old Nathan Barksdale died in a medical prison in Butner. Naron did not know exactly when Barksdale died, or how.(…)