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Breitbart reporter files criminal complaint against Trump campaign manager over alleged assault

The Breitbart reporter who claimed Donald Trump’s campaign manager had grabbed her arm during a recent campaign rally has filed assault charges over the incident, according to a report. Michelle Fields filed the complaint on Friday against Corey Lewandowski, one of Trump’s top campaign aides. SEE ALSO: Donald Trump on protesters getting punched: ‘That’s what(…)


Knitted Polar Bear

I recently had a new cousin, and I wanted to make her something cute for the baby shower.This is what I came up with: A tiny, knitted polar bear! It is simple to make, and only requires basic knitting skills and a few tools. It only took me a couple of hours, but it’s still(…)


Virtual reality helps people with MS relive their passions in touching ad campaign

For people living with multiple sclerosis, the loss of control can put a devastating damper on lifelong passions. That was especially true for San Diego surfer Steve Bettis and New York City professional dancer and choreographer Amy Meisner — two successful devotees of their respective callings whose careers were cut short by the unpredictable disease, which disrupts the flow(…)