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Simple Pizza Sandwich

This is a simple sandwich with ingredients like a veggie pizza. Ingredients – 2 slices wholemeal bread – shredded cheese- onion- tomato- capsicum- olives- pizza seasoning (oregano, basil)Tip: You can add pizza sauce to this sandwich, but I have not used it as it may make the sandwich a bit soggy….By: Keerti28 Continue Reading »(…)


Easy DIY Arduino Touch Sensor Piano

This mini piano requires no soldering and is very easy to make.It’s a great starter project to get into Arduinos. I had tons of fun making it and playing it once finished!This project can be completed by anyone, from children to seniors!I got the inspiration for this project from Julian Ilett’s firs…By: A2D Electronics Continue(…)


Big Jenga With Space Theme

Jenga is a fun game to play, and easy to make for a large party. Keep it cheap and easy by using 2x4s and spray paint:Materials:(8) 8 ft lengths of 2×4(1) Plastic drop cloth (if painting)(1) Big sheet of thick paper (if painting with stencils)Tools:(1) Chop, or other, saw(1) Belt, or other, sanderSp…By: eweinhoffer Continue(…)


“Hot-Car Death” Alarm System

Before we start, a few words on what led me to make this instructable.I live in Israel, it’s a fairly hot country and June-August are a kind of an endless heatwave.Every year, in Israel alone, approximately 10 babies die of Heatstroke as they are left stranded in the back seat of a car. Israel is(…)


How to Make Kichdi

In Gujarat, khichdi is rice cooked with turmeric to make it yellow adding vegetables and other spices is optional, it is served mixed with kadhi, a thin sauce made from gram flour, curry leaves, cumin, and mustard seeds. It can also be served with chass (Buttermilk) and eaten as an evening meal. Kic…By: rhpatel1 Continue(…)