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Potentiometer Feedback Control: Implementing a Soft Extend Limit

In this Instructable we will be debriefing the method of setting a soft extension limit for actuators with potentiometer feedback. After completing this tutorial you will be able to successfully control the fully extended position of a linear actuator. All programming will be completed in the Ardu…By: Progressive Automations Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Easy Outdoor Smoker Tips

BBQ is a great. Being outside with a fire, smelling that distinctive burning smell will make you remember your best meal from another party. Naturally I was drawn to the cooking shows and specifically the BBQ contest. Huge tanks cooking even bigger cuts of meat for hours on end. The time commitment…By: tliguori330 Continue Reading(…)


DIY Glass Lights

Broke away old glasses?? Got a scold from mom or from anybody?? Forget that. You will now build something which can be kept on as a showpiece and all you will forget all the scolds XD. Here you will recycle those broken glass pieces and build out a beautiful color changing lights. The glass pieces(…)