Air League Venus 4 in 1 Multi Games Table

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Why have one when you can have four? There’s fun for all the family with the Air League Venus 4 in 1 Games Table, bringing you 4 high quality table-top home gaming activities for the price (and size) of one! Featuring Pool, Table Football, Slide Hockey andTable Tennis, all in one integrated table with all the accessories for each one of the games.

With vibrant colour accents and dynamic designs, the Air League Venus 4 in 1 is supported by a pedestal base and L-shaped legs, which are sturdy enough to protect your games table through many years of enjoyment. The eye-catching designs and stimulating activities will ensure that the Air League Venus 4 in 1 will get your kids off the sofa and away from the computer.

As well as being well constructed the Air League Venus 4 in 1 has a light wood finish to blend in amongst home furnishings. The Air League Venus 4 in 1 comes complete with accessories needed to play the games included so that with a little assembly time, your table is ready to use as soon as it arrives. Never again will your children argue over which game to play; they can play them all!

Price:£104.99 Special Price:£69.99

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