The Sexiest Accents In The World

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When choosing a partner, accent is often an important factor. Possessing an attractive accent can be as important as boasting a charming smile or a great figure. A sexy lilt can make us weak at the knees, while overly strong or downright unintelligible ones can send us running for the hills. In a recent survey by, which questioned 5,000 women worldwide, 60% of participants said that they could be seduced by a man’s style of expression. In addition, 40% admitted that they would rather sleep with someone with an appealing accent than someone with a harsh one. So why are accents such deal breakers? Our mode of speech is personal to each of us. Every accent is unique – each one is made up of many different elements, including tone, inflection, tempo and vocabulary. They can be remarkably precise, varying not just between countries but between regions or even villages. An accent forms part of our identity, and connects us to where we were raised. We can’t help but be intrigued by those with exotic or distinctive diction. They make us think of far-off places and exciting cultures, and remind travelers of their past adventures. There are over 200 countries in the world, and an estimated 6,500 languages in use today. That’s a whole lot of different accents and dialects – and some are infinitely more desirable than others. The following is a list of the top ten most seductive accents in the world, as chosen by the people.

Ah, the Swedes. Still in Europe, we find Sweden, home of Ikea, the Skarsgård clan of hunky actors and one sexy language. Among the Nordic languages, Swedish seems to sound the best, which has been recognized by people all over the world. Swedish is spoken natively by around 9 million people, which is too little if we’re being honest. Alas, there’s little we can do considering that’s all the locals in the country. This is a North Germanic language, descending from Old Norse, which is basically the language the Vikings of old used to speak.

Yes, we know there are multiple languages spoken in South America, but it was fairly easy to rank them this way since some lists present them as such, while others will rank Brazilian Portuguese or Argentina’s Spanish accent among the list. Geographically and historically, things are a bit complicated in South America. Here, languages are reminiscent of the colonial powers that once occupied the lands, which means we’ll find Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and Dutch on the continent, in various proportions. To this list we’re going to add the aboriginal languages that exist in the area, which are too many to count. Overall, however, the accents of South America have an added sexy vibe thanks to the stereotypes tied to the Latino men and women and their sexuality.

There we go, we reached the American accent. “What accent?” you’re going to ask. Well, in short, men and women around the world are quite in lust with the southern accent. Living in Texas and nearby states? Well, you’re surely going to make some foreigners happy when speaking to them. You might even make other Americans happy too, as they find the accent quite sexy. It must be all the twang laced voiced that pushed the American accent so high up.
Blending the energy of Spanish with the sensuality of French, the Italian accent is undeniably attractive. The sound of those romantic tones sends hearts racing and minds conjuring up fantasies of life in stylish Rome, idyllic Venice or picturesque Florence. Bombshells like Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci have helped to create an aura of mystery around the nationality, and no-one can resist an enigma.

The Scottish dialect is beautifully melodic and ornamented. It is full of colourful slang, which can be confusing for non-natives, but alludes to a rich cultural heritage. The Scots are famed for being a warm, fun-loving nation, which only adds to the appeal. With speakers like James McAvoy and Ewan McGregor, it’s not hard to see why the accent is the best-loved in Britain.

When you think or Australia you think of the country where you can surf the waves, lay in the sun on beautiful beaches, the country where everything wants to kill you… You will forget about the killing as soon as you think of that sexy accent that comes with this land. The folks of Australia speak Australian English, which is a variety of the good old language. The first who spoke this version of the English language were the children of the colonists born in New South Wales who created a dialect that led to what is now the national language. Nowadays, the accent that comes with the language is found to be incredibly sexy by people around the world. Whether it’s an actor or actress that has made it to Hollywood or a TV show presenter, the accent alone instantly makes them a lot more attractive.

The unique way in which the French intonate words when speaking English or other foreign languages makes it easy to pinpoint their country of origin. Hearing the accent must immediately link into the hearer’s brain to the notion that the French are quite good lovers. Whether true or false is of no consequence as the attraction is already there. Ooh la la! Smooth and sensual, it’s not surprising that the French accent is consistently voted one of the sexiest in the world. The Gauls are renowned for their skills in the bedroom, and their language has come to be synonymous with seduction. In recent years, however, the popularity of the accent has decreased.
We’ve reached the top to find British English sitting there comfortably, having its 5 o’clock tea while wearing a top hat. Joke aside, there really isn’t anything sexier out there than a proper British accent. The British accent is, in fact, an umbrella term used for the many accents peppering the country, based on the location. On some occasions, for instance, you might not even recognize one word they’re saying, but you’re going to love the accent nonetheless. The standard accent, however, is the one most people love, the one you tie to the Royal family, Harry Potter and the many actors that originated in the Old Country.