Hex Nut D6

This is a new spin on an old classic. I have played table top games for years spending many nights exploring dungeons and fighting dragons, my trusty dice by my side. A slow day at work i was playing around with some nuts and bolts and came up with this fun idea, and thought it(…)


The Green Party has dropped a lawsuit to force a recount in Pennsylvania

After raising almost $ 7 million to fund a recount in three principle battleground states, Green Party-backed voters have dropped a court case that would have forced a state-wide recount in Pennsylvania, citing their inability to pay a court-ordered bond. A court hearing had been scheduled for Monday. The Green Party-backed voters who brought the(…)


3Dprinted Lunar Phase Clock

If you don’t know what to print with your 3D printer, here you have an easy project.Build a 3D printed Lunar Phase Clock for your desk or your nightstand.Features: (check the video) Open Tools (Ubuntu / FreeCAD / Arduino) Open Source / Hardware Cheap HW (Arduino, cheap LCD..) Only 79 grams of f…By: G4lile0 Continue(…)


How to Teach Creative Writing

Creative writing is one of the most enjoyable types of writing for students. Not only does it allow students to explore their imaginations, but it helps them to structure their ideas and produce writing that they can be proud of. However, creative writing is a relatively difficult type of writing to teach and offers challenges(…)


Red-Headed Woodpecker Nesting Box

This nesting box is an eco friendly, easy-to-make, and useful item that will prevent red-headed woodpeckers from pecking at your siding while providing them a home for their eggs at the same time. Red-headed woodpeckers are nearly endangered and they live in the Midwestern and Eastern part of the Un…By: RoboKnights Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Netflix announces dates for Sense8 Christmas Special and second season

Ever since Netflix renewed Sense8 for a second season in 2015, there’s been little news about the series. Netflix finally dropped the news via Twitter earlier this afternoon, announcing the premiere date of the next season, as well as a Christmas special, which will air later this month. Sense8: A Christmas Special will begin streaming(…)