Cottage-ready Bird Feeder

Using scrap, salvaged and re-purposed wood, this bird feeder should be a big hit for the wildlife in cottage country. It can be mounted to or hung from a tree or put on stand. Within a few minutes of installing this feeder, we had chickadees, squirrels and chipmunks eating out of it! Cut wood Cut…By:(…)


Home Defense Mace

Let me preface this ‘ible by assuring you that I am not crazy. I feel the need to say that because whenever I tell people that I am making a mace, they look at me sideways.I find a certain elegance to some old weaponry. Some of them seem like more work of art than instrument(…)


Leather Bush-knife Sheath

leather craft bush knife sheath. made from veg tan leather.if you enjoy my instructables please vote for them in the contests! also feel free to comment and ask questions! make a pattern trace your knife, and draw an outline around it about 1/4" around to account for stitching.be sure your knife…By: rshulman Continue Reading »(…)


You can stop WhatsApp from sharing your phone number with Facebook

Hyper-popular messaging app WhatsApp announced yesterday that it would start sharing some user data — including your phone number — with parent company Facebook. The two companies say the new policy will help you find friends and “improve your Facebook ads and products experiences,” but it will also give businesses a new avenue to reach potential customers,(…)


Gummy Bear Axe

What do you get when you cross a 5 lb bag of gummy bears, 13 oz of resin, and a wicked sharp double axe head? Sounds to me like a really bad idea…Now, the amount of new things that I did in this are just too much for me to type up easily in one(…)