Wooden Magic 8-Ball

The Magic 8-Ball is a fortune-telling toy that was first released to the public in 1950. To use the ball, you ask it a yes or no question while holding it with the window faced down. Upon the completion of your question, rotate the ball until the window is face up to read your fortune.(…)


Fidget Bars

The new fidget spinner! I have tons of bearings left over from when they were popular. I was designing a hinge for a desk light when I had a two rigid pendulums with bearings in them. I stuck them in wood dowels laying around when coming up with a hinge mechanism. After playing with them(…)


How to Pick Tomatoes

There’s nothing like the flavor of a tomato that’s fresh from the garden, whether you’re eating it by itself or using it in a delicious recipe. To get the most out of your home-grown tomatoes, it’s important to pick them at the right time and in the right way. You can either pick tomatoes when(…)


Felt Hat Clock

Hi, friends! I would like to share with you a home decoration diy idea: a Felt Hat Wall Clock inspired by Canotier hat shape.Stay on schedule with elegant, functional and handmade wall clock. Supplies and Tools Felt sheets (2pcs A3 sizes for base) Clock mechanism Black pins Universal glue Ho…By: Auroris Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Easy Dessert Pizza

In this instructable I will show you how to make a Dessert Pizza. Mmm pizza. This dessert pizza recipe is really easy to make, using very few ingredients, and takes a classic sugar cookie and a classic food, pizza, and combines them into one amazing treat! Need a cool and easy treat to bring to(…)


How to Heal a Hyperextended Elbow

You’ve pushed your elbow beyond its limits, literally! While this is undoubtedly a painful experience, a hyperextended elbow can usually heal with some rest and ice. Generally, hyperextending your elbow causes a sprain, which is the stretching or tearing of a ligament. It can also tear the cartilage that covers the joint, known as the(…)