How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Realizing you’re an obstacle to your own success can be frustrating. However, standing in your own way is a common problem you can overcome. You can get out of your own way by letting go of negative thinking so you can create a positive mindset. By practicing mindfulness, you can learn to live in the(…)


Eyeball Icebox Cookies

Slice and bake cookies are great because you can easily make the same pattern over and over again. If that pattern is eyeballs, even better! These cookies were inspired by these polymer clay eyeball millefiori and these bullseye cookies I saw in Martha Stewart Kids magazine. You can use either food …By: Ez-Kabob Continue Reading(…)


Optics in Light-sculptures

Hello, my name is Julien Hogert. I graduate from the “Louis Lumière” cinema school a few years ago, where I studied, among other things, photography and a lot of optics. Now, I work in cinema, but I also make sculptures with lights. For the past 3 years, I have been making this series of little(…)


The Dragon – Halloween 2018

October 30th, 11:55pm. The house was silent besides my father snoring loudly in the room next door and my dog breathing quietly besides me. I lay awake in my bed, my eyes closed but my brain circling continuously as it had been for the past fifty five minutes. I couldn’t sleep. How coud anyone sleep…By:(…)


How to Cure Knock Knees Naturally

Knock knees is a medical condition in which a person’s knees point inward and touch when they stand. While the condition is most prevalent in children younger than 10 years old, it can also afflict adults of any age. In nearly all cases of early-childhood knock knees, the condition will resolve itself in time. In(…)



You can find random pieces of tree branches and turn them into something as cool as these resin coasters. These came out great and it was a fun experience. You can take this concept and add to it, to make them more unique. In the video, I experiment with two different approaches, I took what(…)