How to Treat Ear Infections in Rats

Rats are great pets. Not only are they intelligent, but they’re highly social. Like all pets, rats suffer from a variety of ailments, including ear infections. Unfortunately, ear infections can be difficult to treat in rats. But by knowing the symptoms of an ear infection, seeking the help of your vet, and taking care of(…)


A Lonely Lamp

A Lonely Lamp is a lamp that alludes to people in the metropolis. People will feel lonely if there is no noise around them or no one talking to them. Just like that, this lonely lamp also needs people’s attentions. People have to pick up the telephone receiver then this lamp will turn to face(…)


Concrete Smiling Stones

Did you just do a double take?! Yup, this is not your typical halloween decor but it’s perfect as it will create some giggles and maybe even screams! Better yet, they will last forever since they are concrete and are so easy that you can make a bunch for pennies once you have the mold.(…)


Davy Jones Pirate Hat

Materials:*cheap sunhat *paper maché (flour, water, newspaper)*yellow and brown acrylic paint *hot glue gun and sticks*black material *shells *moss Start With a Cheap Sunhat *I bought a sunhat from the dollar store to use as my base Make the Shape You Want *Using cardboard, tape, and string I …By: theartfulbirder Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


How to Make an Electric Go Kart

This is my first completed project that I have completed from scratch. The objective of this project was to convert a gasoline kart frame to accommodate an electric drivetrain. Before converting the gas kart to a fully electric go kart, there was a lot of research done in order to set my mind on the…By:(…)


Davy Jones Mask With Moving Tentacles

Materials:*liquid latex*acrylic paint (red, black, yellow, green)*styrofoam mannequin head*air dry clay*string *straws*stuffing*hot glue *circle cereal*foam board/cardboard Start Sculpting *Using air dry clay on a styrofoam head, start creating a thin layer of clay Add Basic Features *Add the …By: theartfulbirder Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured