How to Make a Curving Arm Slider

FULL VIDEOthis slider can slide in curve and innovative way Metirials for Firs Steps see my video tutorial: take 8 brass pipe t connetors 1/2"complete video hereand many small ball bearings Press Ball Bearings use the vise to press the ball berings in place Gears assembly gears assembly. pl…By: rmaffei di boglio Continue Reading »(…)


Make a Vase

Do you know that feeling: you have one beautiful flower from you garden that you want to bring in? Or you only want to buy a special flower instead of the whole bouquet? Or you want to cut one little branch of your tree and only one because you don’t want to damage your tree(…)


Hibiscus Syrup

Hibiscus syrup is super easy to make. It’s a nice, refreshing drink when watered down, or can be amazing if poured over ice cream, pancakes etc!What you’ll need is:500 ml of water10 grams of dried hibiscus flowers, 50 grams of sugar Measure All Your Ingedients To be honest, when I usually make …By: Kilg Continue(…)


Cedar Strip Kayak

While a wood kayak may seem fragile, strip built kayaks are actually incredibly strong and lightweight. With this construction method, it is not too difficult to build a boat that outperforms anything you can buy at a store. By building your own boat, you are in full control of everything from the s…By: jcbuchli Continue(…)


Stocking Schmaltz

What is Schmaltz? – it’s a term for rendered chicken fat. The Problem – Growing up I would hear that to make really good matzoh balls or roast potatoes you need schmaltz. Problem was that no one wanted to bother with rendering chicken fat. As I see it, my grandparents grew up with parents who(…)


LED Ukulele

Hi, my name is Elaine. This project combines a lot of things that I love and I hope you enjoy it as well!The LED ukulele we’re building will teach you how to play the four most important chords: C, G, Am, and F, so you don’t need any previous ukulele experience to have fun with(…)


How to Sponge Paint With Kids

Sponge painting is a fun, easy craft to do with kids. You can cut the sponges into a variety of shapes to stimulate and encourage your child’s creativity. Once you have the basic technique down, use the sponges to decorate a number of surfaces, from posters to bedroom walls. EditSteps EditCutting the Sponges Get a(…)