Build Your Own Skateboard

Hi everybody!In this I’ble I will present you the whole process of building my very own, home-made, hand-painted skateboard.I am not a rider nor a good wood maker nor an artist. I just wanted to build it by my own and ride it afterwards.I lost a lot of time in the process finding the good(…)


Origami Roses

This origami rose is made with a single piece of paper, no glue or cuts. It can be made with any paper – regular printer paper, thinner or slightly thicker paper. It is the most requested tutorial to make on my instagram, so let’s get started! What You’ll Need Square paperTweezers The Grid If…By: alanawu(…)


Planter Frames

A little bit of greenery can liven up any room. But you may not really have the space for a few plants (or the time), so here’s an easy to make vertical frame to hold your plants and a simple watering bottle. Materials Required Before you begin make sure you have these things chill pine(…)


Cassava Cake with Macapuno

Cassava is a starchy root vegetable that looks like a stretched-out yam. Cassava is known under a variety of names, including manioc, yuca, and Brazilian arrowroot. Drying and grinding cassava into powder results in tapioca, used in tapioca pudding and bubble tea . Cassava is a staple food for much …By: Kaboodlez Continue Reading »(…)


Multikey Holder

I hate carrying my keys, they stab you in the leg, jingle around and it takes forever to find the right one! (Ok slightly exaggerating here) So I decided to trim off all the unnecessary bits that come with having keys null null What You’ll Need A mini multi tool (I got this one from(…)


Pallet Wood Lounge Set

Cheap and Classy! The Pallet Wood Loungeset! Get ready to chill! Materials and Tools! You will need:pallets (a lot!) try to search for the ones that still have neat planks.wood gluestainscrews and nailsThe tools I used:circular sawhandsawdrill-driverhammerbrushes band-sandersanding machinetape me…By: PieterVerduijn Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Tapering Jig

The tapering jig is one of the easier to build but often overlooked. What is a tapering jig exactly? To put is simply, it’s a sled that works with your table saw to make rip cuts on an angle.It can be used to add a taper to furniture legs, cut plywood on an angle, straighten(…)


How to Grow Daylilies

Daylilies come in a large assortment of colors, have a long blooming season, require very little care, and can adapt to a number of different climates and habitats. For these reasons, daylilies are a favorite of home gardeners, and they have even been nicknamed the “perfect perennial.” By planting your daylilies carefully and taking steps(…)


Retro-CM3: a Powerful RetroPie Handled GAME Console

This instructable is inspired by the adafruit’s PiGRRL Zero, Wermy’s original Gameboy Zero build and GreatScottLab’s Handled Game Console. Those RetroPie based game console use the raspberry pi zero(W) as their core. BUT, after I have built several the Pi Zero Consoles, two main problems were found….By: DeanChu Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured