How to Dissolve Glue

Hardened glue is an annoyance on any type of surface, be it plastic, glass, or your own skin. Although there are many adhesive removers on the market, there are plenty of ways for you to dissolve glue without having to purchase anything new. Choose from a variety of household items or commercial cleaning agents to(…)


How to Substitute Cream of Tartar

Cream of tartar is a powder ingredient used in many recipes to stabilize egg whites, act as a leavening agent, or prevent sugar from crystallizing. If you are working on a recipe and realize you are out of cream of tartar, no worries! You can easily substitute it with lemon juice, white vinegar, and baking(…)


How to Improve Your Reflexes

Reflexes are nerve signal-induced muscular reactions to external stimuli. For example, if you spot a baseball flying toward your head, your brain will send a signal to your hand to block the ball before it can hit you. Having good reflexes aids performance in sports, exercise, and everyday physical activities like crossing the street or(…)