How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Acne

Tea tree oil can be used as a natural solution for getting rid of pimples. It contains natural antibacterial properties, which makes it an excellent alternative to harsh synthetic chemicals and it will not strip your skin of its natural oils. Tea tree oil can be applied directly to acne or it can be used(…)


How to Build a Bottle Rocket

A bottle rocket is fun and easy to make. You can build and launch a simple bottle rocket by recycling materials you might find lying around at home. [Edit]Steps [Edit]Making a One Bottle Rocket with a Launcher Roll a piece of paper into a cone. This will be the nose cone of the rocket. Feel(…)


How to Cure a Dog’s Bad Breath

While it’s ideal to prevent your dog from getting bad breath in the first place by doing things like brushing its teeth properly, there’s still hope if your canine pal already has stinky breath. You can try various home remedies to mask its bad breath, and make some dietary and lifestyle changes in hopes of(…)

How to Make a Wasp Trap

When wasps make a nest too close to home, they can pose a danger to people and household pets. While you can purchase wasp traps, they are often sticky and difficult to set up. Instead, try making your own reusable wasp trap out a plastic bottle, and some enticing bait like meat, sugar, or dish(…)