Oxtail Potjie

First-off for those who don’t know a potjie is a traditional South African stew, with the defining characteristic being that it is cooked in a cast iron pot (a potjie pot) on a fire. Normally you do this while camping; starting the fire in the morning, cooking your stew all day long, and eating late…By:(…)


How to Treat Mastitis

Mastitis is a common condition in breastfeeding women. This condition can be caused by tight clothing, missed feedings, poor alveolus drainage, or an infection. It usually only affects 1 breast at a time and results in a breast that is sore, hard, and red. This can make breastfeeding and pumping very uncomfortable, and some women(…)


How to Make a Chinese Paper Lantern

Chinese paper lanterns have a long tradition, dating back to the Eastern Han dynasty, when they were used to worship Buddha. Now, they are used during the Lantern Festival to celebrate the last day of Chinese New Year.[1] Making your own lantern is easy, and while it won’t light up, it can be just as(…)


Manrope Knot Lanyard

This looks similar to the crown and wall knot but it is not the same at all. It is traditionally used as a decorative end to a rope. The individual strands do not go through the end of the knot as in the crown and wall Start with a tight knot. In the case of(…)


Circuito Arduino Controller Pad

"Circuito" is a DIY controlling pad. It is a Supplementary project for my previous Robotic Arm project. The Controlling Pad is a computer controlled mechanical constructions that help to move and manage any robotic arm depend on servo motors.It can be considered kinetic control pad in their own righ…By: ahmedazouz Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Laptop Cooling Pad DIY | Awesome Life Hacks With CPU Fan | Creative Ideas | Computer Fan

You need to watch this video until its end. for understanding the video. CPU Cooling Fan You need 5, 12V CPU Cooling Fansyou can buy CPU fan it from here: https://amzn.to/2IlUDud Fan Connection Connect all CPU Fan’s in Parallel. You will need a USB cable for power You can use old Micro USB…By: Creative creator(…)


Bike Protein Bar Holder

In this instructable I will show you how I designed and built sleek looking protein bar holder for my bike. I bike to work everyday and felt the need for some sort of container to hold a protein bar or two in case I get hungry. I decided to 3D print the holder as it(…)