Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

This dairy-free vanilla bean ice cream recipe is an easy one to master. It may seem complicated, but once you get the process down, it is simple to repeat. That is important for a vanilla recipe because vanilla often serves as the base for many other types of ice cream flavors. Once you make this(…)


Airplane Shelf

The story… As a little boy I collected key chains. I would get them on family vacations, and family members would bring them back for me when they went somewhere new. My dad made me two long wooden keys, and each time I got a new key chain we would put in a small nail(…)


How to Clean a Plastic Bottle

If you’ve made the switch to a reusable plastic bottle for drinking, congratulate yourself for taking a step toward saving the environment from overflowing landfills! Now you’re wondering the best ways to keep your plastic bottle clean and free of bacteria. You can clean your bottle with regular dish soap and warm water, load it(…)



Make an awesome L1 R1 Pubg Trigger using the popsicle stick and aluminum foil paper.You can make this trigger yourself using household items.You need Below Materials to make this Trigger…1) Popsicle stick2) Aluminum Foil Paper3) Screw4) Tape5) Feviquik Gum6) Two side TapeWATCH FULL TUTORIAL VIDEO …By: Creativity Buzz Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Tiny School Bus Home

So the year is 1979 and my friends all live in old school buses. I was tired of living in the City and paying rent so I decided to build my own Tiny School Bus Home. About the same time I found a book: "Rolling Homes" that lifted bus living to an art form. Since(…)


How to Trim Your Own Split Ends

Split ends can leave your hair looking damaged and dry. Luckily, there are super easy tactics for getting rid of those pesky split ends, leaving your hair looking healthy after just a few minutes of trimming. To get rid of split ends while leaving your length the same, try twisting or sliding your fingers down(…)


NERF Shooting Gallery

I am building a number of side shows for my son’s fund raising efforts. At a previous fund raising event, I noticed that the cross bow targets were doing really well. At about the same time, Amazon had their Lightning deals selling NERF guns really cheaply, so I thought I would make a NERF shootin…By:(…)


How to Start an Essential Oil Business

Starting an essential oil business can be a creative and rewarding endeavour! Set up a company to make and sell your own oils, or purchase them wholesale to resell. Create an attractive website and various social media profiles, which will help you promote and grow your business. Sell your essential oils online, at community events,(…)


How to Metalshape a Custom Fender

You’d be surprised how simple it is to shape a simple custom fender with hand tools (and some shop-made tools). Don’t believe me? Check out how we did it in this video! Materials You could use either steel or aluminum for this project. Steel thickness ideally 1.0mm. Any thicker and it will be har…By: matt_mcleod(…)